Our winters here in the Madisonville, TX area are fairly warm and dry, but winter maintenance is still an important part of keeping your Ford model in tip-top shape! Fortunately, our service team here at Henson Ford has all the tools, skills, and genuine Ford parts needed to help you whip your car into shape and prep it for next year. So, if you're eager to treat your car to the professional service it needs, we're ready to help you keep your car performing at its best.

Why Turn to Henson Ford for Seasonal Maintenance?

Here at our service center, we have all the resources you need to keep your Ford maintained. Between our professional Ford-trained service experts and our cutting-edge tools and equipment, we're prepared to help you keep your vehicle in excellent shape.

Of course, expertise and equipment aren't the only things our service center has to offer. You can also find seasonal specials on popular service items when you choose our Ford dealership serving College Station and Temple, TX. So, when your car's next service interval rolls around, you can score fabulous savings when you schedule an appointment with our service center and take advantage of our rotating selection of seasonal deals.

Common Seasonal Maintenance Items

The best way to keep your car in great condition is to stay up to date with routine maintenance here at our Ford service center near Waco and Huntsville. What kinds of services does your car need during the winter to keep it in excellent condition? Here are a few of the most common items that we offer here at our service center:

Oil Change

Oil changes are essential because they help to improve the performance and longevity of your engine. Oil keeps your engine's fast-moving parts lubricated so that they don't overheat or wear out prematurely. Eventually, oil needs to be changed because it breaks down and gets contaminated with dirt and tiny metal particles, which hampers its ability to properly lubricate your engine.

We can drain out old oil, replenish your car's supply, and replace the oil filter to ensure that your engine has what it needs to keep running smoothly for as long as possible.


Tire Rotation

Maintaining even tire tread across all four of your car's tires serves two main purposes. Your car will handle better and have an easier time gaining the traction it needs to effectively accelerate and stop if its tires have even tread. Your tire set will also generally last longer if they all have even tread. Rotating your tires regularly helps your tires wear down evenly so that you can get the most out of them.

Fluid Service

Aside from oil, your car depends on a variety of other fluids to keep its systems working properly. Our team can check and replenish fluids like washer fluids and coolant to ensure that your car's fluid levels are where they should be. Additionally, fluid service gives our team the opportunity to check for leaks that might need repair.

Wheel Alignment

Everyday driving can gradually nudge your wheels out of alignment. Hitting potholes and curbs can also knock your wheels out of place. Driving on misaligned wheels can cause problems with handling, and it can have devastating effects on your tires. That's why we recommend regular wheel alignment checks at our service center serving Spring and The Woodlands to check for issues that could cause premature tire wear or other problems.

Schedule Service

If you're ready to whip your car into shape for winter, we're here to help. Feel free to check out our service specials and contact us here at our service center to make an appointment. We'll be happy to help you prep your car for the new year!

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